I am a talented communicator, and have combined the skills I gained as a clinical vet with my interests in other fields to offer a unique and wide array of services. I am currently involved in multiple projects that utilise my passion and talent for engaging people.


I am a skilled writer and can produce content on a variety of topics both online (including social media), and print.

Topics include:

  • Pet health and veterinary care
  • Well-being in the veterinary profession and beyond
  • Topical issues in animal care and the veterinary profession
  • Breaking the silence around pregnancy loss and infertility
  • Exercise and mental health

I have contributed expert quotes for a variety of online and print articles. I can adapt my style for both professionals and owners. My experience in high-pressured clinical situations means I am used to problem-solving, I and can produce content to a tight deadline. My scientific background ensures factual content with a solid evidence base, which is incredibly important in veterinary writing.


I am becoming an experienced public speaker, having spoken at multiple veterinary conferences as well as hosting webinars and contributing to podcasts. I speak on a variety of topics, and my authenticity and passion always shines through. Get in touch to discuss how I can help you:

  • Speaking at live events
  • Radio or podcast interviews
  • Webinars
  • Video recordings
  • Television and advertising
  • Ask the expert features


I have a substantial following on multiple social media channels, and am well regarded with around 7,000+ direct followers and a much larger total outreach. I am skilled at engaging people online, starting conversation and building a sense of community.

I have a particular talent for tackling difficult issues with honesty and vulnerability, and this can be seen through the success of my work with Vet MINDS. If you’d like to discuss a collaboration, get in touch.

In the Media

As the daughter of a TV producer, I grew up around television studios and have a thorough understanding of the media world. I enjoy taking my clinical skills into this different environment as a ‘Vet on Set’, monitoring the welfare of the animal actors involved. I am comfortable both behind the camera, and in front.

I can travel to multiple locations across the country, including London, Birmingham and the East Midlands. I offer the following services within the media:

  • ‘Vet on Set’ to monitor and sign off on animal welfare (Clearcast compliance) within 24h of filming
  • Consultancy in the pre-production phase to advise on the best animals for the role, and ensure the finished work will portray them positively and responsibly
  • Presenting on radio, podcast, television, and online
  • Interviews and ‘Ask the Expert’ features  

I work with a variety of veterinary surgeons and will be able to find a ‘Vet on Set’ at short notice for roles in any location across the UK.

Locum Veterinary Surgeon

Alongside my diversifications, I still work regularly in clinical practice – and love it. I am a skilled small animal clinician with interests in critical care, internal medicine and geriatric patients. Having spent time in both general practice and emergency and critical care, I am happy to work day or night!

  • MRCVS with VDS cover and Ltd Co.
  • Sole charge
  • Day or night work (experienced ECC clinician)
  • Available across the East Midlands