Vet MINDS Project

Vet MINDS Project

Vet MINDS stands for miscarriage, infertility, neonatal death and still birth. I founded in the project in 2019 after speaking about my experiences in the veterinary profession. I realised how many others were affected, but also what an incredible support network we could form. The project aims to provide greater support for veterinary professionals facing baby loss and infertility. We are in the process of designing a specific website, so this page is temporary.

Our Goals:

  1. To provide support and understanding
  2. To raise awareness and help break the silence around baby loss and infertility in the veterinary profession, and beyond
  3. To work together to influence positive change in the veterinary community

Support and Understanding

Vet MINDS started as a closed Facebook group, which you can find here. It offers a safe space for friendship, support and understanding from people who understand the specific challenges of facing these issues as a veterinary professional. As well as providing support, the group serves to create a voice and a platform to start breaking down the silence around baby loss, and work together towards positive change.

Raise Awareness

We wanted to do something to mark Baby Loss Awareness Week in October 2019, and raise awareness of baby loss and infertility in the veterinary profession. So, we designed a Vet MINDS pin badge, to wear as a symbol that we are ready to talk about the tough stuff and to show our support to our colleagues.

The response to the pin badges was huge, and we have sent out nearly two hundred badges – and counting. If you would like one, we have a limited supply left. Please fill in the form below:

Request a Vet MINDS Badge

Generate Positive Change

As well as providing support and raising awareness, our third goal is to produce some positive change. A big theme that has come out of starting these conversations is how experience baby loss and infertility in the workplace. There are some specific challenges that come with facing these issues in the veterinary profession. We want to help employers and employees deal with this better.

We are working on producing a set of guidelines around baby loss and infertility in the veterinary work place. Get in touch if you would like to contribute.