Alongside my clinical career, I have developed a number of passions within and outside the veterinary community. I strive to use each one to have a positive impact, and hope to bring all of them forward into my career – as diverse as they may be! 



I entered the veterinary profession in an unusual way, having always excelled at English Literature and Fine Art at school. I completed the Preliminary Year at Nottingham Vet School, a course designed to encourage different types of people into the veterinary profession. I have always had a love of writing, and have found a real passion for using these skills in the veterinary world. I have an honest and authentic writing style, and am able to use this to bring people together and create community – whether this is around running, pregnancy loss, or the highs and lows of veterinary life.

I am looking forward to dedicating more time to my writing, and working on a freelance basis. Clients are looking to the internet more and more for information, and I feel that the veterinary community should embrace this. I am developing my work in veterinary communications writing, and ensuring that there is information out there around pet care that is reliable and easy to understand. Find out more about this in the Services section, or contact me to discuss your project.

Running and Exercise

My journey into diversification started when I set up my blog This Vet Runs in 2018. Exercise played a huge role in coping with the highs and lows of life as a newly qualified veterinary surgeon. I started running for 5 minutes at a time in farmer’s fields (where nobody could see my sweaty red face!) as a student – mostly as a procrastination from running. I quickly realised what a positive effect this was having on my mental health, and from here I went from parkruns to fell races to finally completing the London Marathon in 2019 for charity.

I am a well-known advocate for the role of exercise in well-being in the veterinary world (and beyond), and speak regularly at events, vet schools and conferences. I am very proud to have encouraged so many veterinary professionals to take those first steps, and find the confidence to get active. 

Well-Being in the Veterinary Profession

I am not only passionate about my patients, but the incredible people who care for them. Being a vet is a job many of us dream of, but it can be extremely tough. I have shared my experiences with honesty and vulnerability, and work hard to further the wellbeing of my colleagues, and the profession as a whole. I am particularly keen to improve support for the youngest members of our profession, from students to new graduates, and speak regularly at veterinary schools. I use my writing, speaking, and social media presence to advocate the importance of well-being.

I am excited to be working on several projects to do with well-being in the veterinary profession in 2020.

Pregnancy Loss and Infertility

I am becoming very well known for raising awareness of pregnancy loss and infertility in the veterinary profession, after speaking so honestly about my own experiences. After suffering a miscarriage in 2018, I started writing anonymously through my blog. This grew into something much bigger and gradually I realised how powerful sharing your story can be. I finally braved up to sharing my experience in the veterinary community for the first time, and the response was overwhelming. Realising just how important it was to continue this conversation, and provide support to my colleagues, I founded the Vet MINDS Group in 2019.

The Vet MINDS group (which stands for Miscarriage, Infertility, Neonatal Death and Stillbirth) is a closed facebook group for veterinary professionals affected by baby loss and infertility. It offers a private space for friendship, support and understanding from people who understand the specific challenges of facing these issues as a veterinary professional. As well as providing support, the group serves to create a voice and a platform to start breaking down the silence around babyloss, and work together towards positive change.

I have multiple initiatives ongoing, including the production of a Vet MINDS pin badge which was worn by hundreds of veterinary professionals through Baby Loss Awareness Week. I am working closely with other organisations to produce a series of guidelines for employers and employees around facing these issues as veterinary professionals. My work was featured on the front cover of the Veterinary Times in November 2019, and I continues to raise awareness and start difficult conversations.

Animals in the Media

Nat with Komondor ‘Charlie’ on set with F&F

As the daughter of a television producer, I have spent much of her life in the media world. Although I resisted following in my Dad’s footsteps initially, is no surprise that I have taken my veterinary skills and interests into this unusual field. I enjoy working as a ‘vet on set’, monitoring the welfare of the animal actors on production sets. I have worked on shoots for clients such as F&F Clothing and Not On the Highstreet.  

But I also have a strong interest in the wider implications of animals in the media. I strongly believes that vets have an important role to play in the way animals are used and portrayed and strive to be involved in a positive capacity. I offer a consultancy service for all types of media projects, from advertising to television, the choice of breed, and the content. I am also excited to make the move in front of the camera (or the microphone!) to take more of a front seat in the future of pets in the media.