I am a freelance veterinary surgeon based in the East Midlands. I am an experienced small animal clinician, but have taken the leap into the freelance world to explore my wide variety of skills and interests. My passion is the well-being of animals and the people that care for them.

Writing has always come naturally. I began writing my blog This Vet Runs in 2018, and now have a substantial following on social media. As a significant influencer in the veterinary community, I have had the opportunity to write and speak about veterinary life, well-being and exercise in multiple capacities, and am involved in several exciting projects for 2020.

Clinical practice is still a big part of my life, and I locum regularly. I enjoy taking my clinical skills into new and challenging environments. I work as a ‘vet on set’, monitoring the welfare of animals used in television and advertising. Alongside this, I have a strong interest in influencing the way animals are portrayed in the media, offering a consultancy service.

I am well known for speaking openly about my experiences with pregnancy loss, and have started some big conversations in the veterinary community. I founded the Vet MINDS project in 2019. Vet MINDS stands for miscarriage, infertility, neonatal death and stillbirth, and it serves to support veterinary professionals facing these issues.

I write with honesty and authenticity, and a natural ease that engages readers and builds community. I have combined my skills to generate positive change for the future of the veterinary profession.